Stratford Literary Festival

The Festival History

Now in its 15th year, the Stratford Literary Festival was grown into one of the leading festivals in the UK and details of the programme and events can be found here. 

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Stratford Festival Faces

Portraits taken at the Stratford Literary Festival 2015 - 2021


Stratford Festival Faces

The Project 

In 2014 as part of the 'Stratford Arts Festival'  Lorentz Gullachsen had set up a pop up Studio in a shop in the centre of Stratford upon Avon and created a series of portraits of those involved with the Arts Festival - with a screen displaying the portraits and a small project called “Bards Town Portraits’ inspired by the characters he saw around Stratford upon Avon, many of which could be relatives of earlier residents of the town that could have inspired and informed Shakespeare who would have seen them in his early years. The Bards Town Portraits project and the Arts festival did not continue, so Gullachsen thought that was that, however there was already a well established Literary  festival in the town so in 2015-photographer Lorentz Gullachsen approached the director Annie Aldridge of the Stratford Literary Festival to continue the project and sort permission to photograph the participants of the festival, setting up a small ‘pop-up’ studio at the main venue and taking portraits of those appearing at the festival, but also the directors, support team and the volunteers that were involved with the Festival, at the time that was going to be it, a collection of portraits that were a record of that year. After the images were seen and the potential of this project become much more than a one off, it evolved into a major collection of portraits of those from the town but now the literary figures from across the UK and from across the globe

This ongoing project shall be archived and become an historic record of the cultural life of a town that shall forever be connected with the Bard but now with the literature of the day. The portraits shall be seen on this website, but long term it shall be part of the Towns Archive - In 2022 the festival is going to celebrate its 15th year and the Festival Faces project shall continue to celebrate those who appear and some of those who are involved behind the scenes.



The Festival was held online in May and these portraits are from the Winter Weekend in November 2021



Due to the Covid Pandemic this year the festival was on line and no portraits were taken